49909390 The card of Renault working in the "free hands" mode

When the card is in the car, pressing the button 3 starts/stops of the engine ("start/stop"), stops the engine.
If there is no card in a zone of its action, after the first pressing on a guard of devices the message "Will appear confirm an engine stop".
To confirm an engine stop, it is necessary to press the button 3 two more times.

Going out of the car, do not leave in it the card of Renault, especially if in the car there was a child (or an animal). The child can incidentally start the engine or turn on electric equipment (for example, window regulators) that is connected with risk of jamming of parts of a body (necks, hands, fingers, etc.).

At the same time there is a danger of receiving severe injuries.
Do not switch off ignition at all to a full stop of the car as at the idle engine the vacuum amplifier of brakes, the amplifier of steering, etc., and also devices of passive safety cease to work: safety cushions and prednatyazhitel of seat belts.