49909390 "Maintenance by Light to Doors" function

This function allows to turn on for a short time passing beam of headlights for lighting, for example when opening entrance gate, garage gate, etc.

Fig. 1.42. Inclusion of driving beam of headlights: 1 – lever ring

After a stop of the engine and switching off of light of headlights turn an extreme ring of the lever of the switch 1 in situation 0 and pull the lever of the porulevy switch 1 on yourself: passing beam of headlights will be turned on approximately for thirty seconds (see fig. 1.42).
Each subsequent pressing the switch prolongs lighting duration for 30 pages. The maximum duration of lighting makes two minutes (four pressing the switch).
To switch off lighting before it is switched off automatically, turn an extreme ring of the lever of the understeering switch 1 and establish in situation 0 (fig. 1.42).