49909390 Special traffic conditions

At some modes of the movement (for example when the system of protection of the engine against overloads works, the ESP system, etc.) the automatic transmission can independently include necessary transfer.
Besides, not to carry out "false inclusions", the automatic box can refuse gear shifting. In this case indication of transfer will blink within several seconds to warn about it.
If the profile of the road and its tortuosity do not allow to move in the automatic mode (for example, in mountains), we recommend to pass to the gear shifting mode manually. It it is necessary to avoid the consecutive gear shiftings set by "automatic equipment" on rise, and to provide braking with the engine on long descents.
In very cold weather in order to avoid a stop of the engine wait some time before transferring the selector from the provision of P or N to situation D or R.
If the car is not equipped with the traction control system: on slippery roads or on roads which covering does not provide reliable coupling of tires with a surface for the prevention of pro-slipping it is necessary to pass into the mode of manual gear shifting and at start-off from the place to include the second transfer.