49909390 Methods of the correct driving

Do not go down under a bias on neutral transfer: it is very dangerous. Always you hold transfer included.
Be not accustomed driving at which it is necessary to brake sharply. It conducts to an overheat of brakes and decrease in efficiency of their work. On long descents it is necessary to apply braking to prevention of an overheat of brake mechanisms the engine (to include low gears).
At inclusion of a low gear slightly brake the car. It will allow to prevent excessive increase in frequency of rotation of the engine which can lead to damage of the last.
At a strong side wind reduce the speed of the movement of the car, it will improve its controllability.
Before inclusion of transfer of a backing be convinced that the car is completely stopped. Otherwise you can damage the transmission. to transfer the lever to the situation corresponding to inclusion of transfer of a backing squeeze out at first a coupling pedal, transfer the lever to neutral situation, wait 3 with, and then transfer the lever to the provision of a backing.
Be especially careful at movement along the slippery road. Conduct the car accurately during braking, acceleration and gear shifting. On the slippery road sharp change of speed can lead to loss of coupling of wheels with the road and loss of control over the car.