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Cars are equipped with the following governing bodies:

Fig. 1.48. Control system of regulation and restriction of speed: 1 – three-position switch; 2 – switches on a steering wheel; 3 – guard of devices; 4 – EBU of system of injection; 5 – sensor of provision of a pedal of an accelerator; 6 – stoplight switch (dual); 7 – coupling pedal course sensor (beginning of the course); 8 – EBU of the automatic transmission; 9 – EBU of anti-blocking system of brakes; 10 – block of a butterfly valve

– system of regulation of speed which allows to support the speed chosen by the driver. This function can be turned off at any time pressing a pedal of a brake or one of system switches;
– system of restriction of speed which allows the driver to establish speed limit. At excess its impact on a pedal of an accelerator does not lead to increase in speed of the car. The chosen speed can be increased at any time pressing an accelerator pedal with transition through resistance point.
Management of the Regulation of Speed of the Movement and Restriction of Speed of the Movement functions carries out EBU of system of injection. EBU of system of injection communicates with EBU ABS, TsEKBS, to EB AKP (if it is) and a guard of devices. EBU of system of injection realizes preset values, issuing the operating commands for the block of a butterfly valve with the servo-driver or regulating supply of diesel fuel.

The blinking of an alarm lamp on a guard of devices shows that maintenance of the set speed is impossible (for example, at the movement under a bias).