49909390 Steklomyvateli of a windshield and headlights

Fig. 1.47. Lever of inclusion of windscreen washer of headlights: 1 – lever

At the included ignition pull the lever of the understeering switch 1 on yourself (fig. 1.47).
At the switched-off headlights.
Short pressing includes one cycle of work of screen wipers.
Long pressing includes three cycles of work of screen wipers in a row, and the last cycle is carried out after a pause in several seconds.
At the included headlights.
At the same time the washer of headlights will join.

At a negative temperature of air be convinced that brushes of screen wipers did not freeze to glass: it can cause an overheat of the electric motor of screen wipers.
You watch a condition of brushes. They should be replaced as soon as you notice deterioration of purification of glass (approximately once a year).
Regularly clear a windshield.

Fig. 1.46. Faltering operating mode of a screen wiper: 1 – average ring of the lever; 2 – ring

If you switch off ignition at the working screen wipers (the lever is in the provision A, (fig. 1.46), brushes will stop in any situation.