49909390 Locking and unlocking of doors outside

In certain cases the card of Renault can not work if:
– the car is in a zone of strong electromagnetic hindrances;
– other radio set works at the frequency of the card (for example, the mobile phone);
– the battery of the card of Renault is discharged, the rechargeable battery, etc. is discharged.
In this case it is possible:
– to open a forward left door a spare key (depending on a car complete set it is inserted into the card or is separately from it);
– to lock each door manually;
– to use the button of the central lock in interior of the car (see the section "Unlocking/locking of Doors From Within").
Raise a cover And a forward left door, having inserted a tip of a spare key into dredging 1.

Fig. 1.22. Use of the built-in spare key: 1 – dredging; 2 – key; And – a cover

Insert a key 2 into the lock and lock or unlock a door (see fig. 1.22).