49909390 The card of Renault working in the mode of restriction of functions

In certain cases (for example if the car is transferred to strangers – the valet, to the repairman, etc.) can be required to limit functions of the card of Renault.

Fig. 1.19. Installation of the mode of restriction of functions: 1 – button of blocking dvry; 2 – button of blocking of a door of a back; 3 – reader; 4 – button of management of locking/unlocking

Take two cards. Insert one card into the reader 3, then press at the same time the buttons 1i 2 on the second card (see the figure 1.19). Doors of the car will be blocked, then the driver's door will be unblocked.
The card of Renault inserted into the reader will begin to work in the mode of restriction of functions.
In this mode it allows to unlock only a door of the driver and to start the car engine (a ware box from the passenger and the luggage compartment remain locked), management of locking/unlocking of locks from within 4 does not work (see the figure 1.19).
To cancel the mode of restriction of functions, start the car engine by means of the second card working in the usual mode.
Only one card of Renault can work in the mode of restriction of functions at the same time, the second card keeps all the functions.