49909390 Card of Renault

The card of Renault provides:
– locking and unlocking of the opening body elements (side doors, a back door) and covers of a bulk mouth of the fuel tank;
– automatic closing of glasses of doors and the hatch of a roof (depending on a car complete set);
– start of the engine.
The card works from a battery which should be replaced if on a guard of devices the inscription "Replace a Card Battery" appeared.

Fig. 1.10. Card of Renault: 1 – unlocking of all opening body elements; 2 – locking of all opening body elements; 3 – locking and unlocking of a door of a back; 4 – built-in spare key

Range of operation of the card depends on surrounding conditions. Handle with the card with care to avoid inadvertent unlocking or locking of doors owing to casual pressing buttons.