49909390 Control of level of oil

For exact determination of level of oil install the car on the flat horizontal platform and switch off the engine for long time.
Control of level of oil:
– on a guard of devices;
– by means of the masloizmeritelny probe.
Control of level of oil according to indications on a guard of devices.
At inclusion of ignition and approximately during 30 with:

Fig. 1.8. Indications of level of oil on a guard of devices

– if the level of oil is normal, on the display the inscription is displayed: "Level of oil is normal" (see fig. 1.8).
To determine oil level more precisely, press the button zeroings of the counter of a run for a trip or the button of viewing of information of the on-board computer.
The rectangles displayed on the display specify oil level. In process of its decrease squares are gradually replaced with a dash: (message 2).
For return to the normal mode of the on-board computer press the button once again.
At minimum admissible level of oil squares are completely replaced with a dash (the message 3) and the control lamp of "SERVICE" lights up on a guard of devices.
After receiving such signal add oil to normal level.