49909390 The recommended fuel

Petrol engines.
Apply unleaded gasoline with octane number not less than 95 (by a research method).

It is forbidden to operate the car on ethylated gasoline. Use of ethylated gasoline leads to failure of three-component catalytic converter of the fulfilled gases.

Diesel engine.
Apply diesel fuel with cetane number not less than 50.
Depending on temperature of air operate the car on diesel fuel of a summer or winter grade:
– at a temperature above -7 °C – a summer grade of fuel;
– at a temperature below -7 °C – a winter grade of fuel.

It is forbidden to fuel the car liquid, intended for house coppers of heating, gasoline and any combustible liquids, except diesel fuel. When using improper fuel the engine will sustain serious damage.
It is not necessary to fuel the car diesel a summer grade if temperature of air is below –7 °C. When cooling in summer fuel paraffin crystals which hammer the fuel filter intensively drop out. At the same time the engine can stop or work with interruptions.