8.3.1. Removal and installation of a front bumper

Install the car on the elevator.

Fig. 8.3. Otvorachivaniye of screws of fastening of the lower basis of a bumper: 1 – screws

Unscrew screws (fig. 8.3).

Fig. 8.4. Otvorachivaniye of screws of fastening of a bumper in a wheel arch: 1 – screws

Unscrew screws (fig. 8.4).

Fig. 8.5. Detachment of a side part of a bumper

Disconnect a side part of a bumper (fig. 8.5).
Disconnect plastic zaklepkikrepleniye and remove side facing.

Fig. 8.6. Removal of side and average facings: 1 – rivets of fastening of side facing; 2 – rivets of fastening of average facing

Disconnect plastic rivets of fastening and remove average facing (fig. 8.6).

Fig. 8.7. Removal of the top fastenings of a bumper: 1 – rivets of fastening of the top part of a bumper

Remove plastic rivets of fastening of the top part of a bumper (fig. 8.7).

Fig. 8.8. Moving of a bumper

By means of the screw-driver with a flat edge press latches, shifting a bumper (fig. 8.8) forward.
Partially remove a front bumper.
Disconnect a block of wires from fog lights and a tube of a supply of liquid to jets of washers of headlights.

Fig. 8.9. Removal of a jet of a washer of a headlight: 1 – fastening nut

Turn off a nut of fastening of a jet of a washer of a headlight and remove its (fig. 8.9).

Fig. 8.10. Removal of the amplifier: 1 – amplifier

Disconnect the amplifier (fig. 8.10).

Fig. 8.11. Removal of a lattice of facing of a radiator: 1 – lower latches

Press on the lower latches and remove a lattice of facing of a radiator, having pulled on themselves (fig. 8.11).

Fig. 8.12. Removal of the buffer: 1 – clamps

Take clamps and remove the buffer (fig. 8.12).

Fig. 8.13. Removal of the directing ledge

Disconnect clamps and remove the external directing ledge (fig. 8.13).
Turn off two bolts of fastening of a fog light.

Fig. 8.14. Detachment of the socket of a fog light

Separate the socket (fig. 8.14).

Fig. 8.15. Removal of the lower casing: 1 – clamp; 2 – rivets

Drill rivets, disconnect a clamp and remove the lower casing (fig. 8.15).

Fig. 8.16. Removal of a decorative overlay of a fog light and central lattice: 1 – clamps

Disconnect clamps, remove a decorative overlay of a fog light and the central lattice (fig. 8.16).


Before installation on a bumper of jets of washers of headlights, drill a bumper on a preliminary marking.

Fig. 8.17. Drilling of openings under a jet: 1 – adjusting opening; 2 – the directing opening

Use a drill with a diameter of 3 mm for drilling of an adjusting opening, and also the directing opening which then increase to diameter of a jet by means of a conic mill (vertical drill) (rice 8.17).
Before installation of jets be convinced available sealing laying.

Fig. 8.18. Installation of a jet: 1 – fastening nut

Tighten a nut (fig. 8.18) with small effort.
– liquid supply tube;
– block of wires of fog lights.
Installation of other components is made as it should be, the return to removal.