49909390 Repair of through corrosion damages and holes

Remove with the grinding disk or a wire nozzle clamped in an electric drill cartridge paint traces from the damaged area and on the site about 3 cm wide around it. In case of lack of a possibility of use of the electric drill work can be performed not less effectively manually by an emery paper.
After removal of paint it is possible to estimate a metal damage rate corrosion and to define whether it makes sense to start repair or it will be more reasonable to replace the panel entirely (if it in principle is possible). New panels can be bought not so expensively as many motorists consider. Often it appears much quicker and it is even more economical to install the new panel, than to make repair of extensive damages of a body.
Remove from the damaged panel all elements of finishing of a body, except for those which can serve as a reference point for a reconstruction of an original form of the deformed sites (such as facing of block headlights, etc.). By means of scissors on metal or a hacksaw cloth remove the sites of metal which everything are freely dangling, poorly fixed and hopelessly damaged by corrosion. Then unbend the hammer of edge of an opening inside for formation of deepening which will be filled with spackling material.
By means of a metal brush remove a powdery rust from the damaged metal. If there is an access to a reverse side of the damaged site, process it corrosion inhibitor.
Before a shpaklevaniye the opening needs to be muffled. It can be made приклепав or having tightened to the damaged site from its reverse side a piece of a tin or having blocked an opening a wire grid.
After the opening is closed, the damaged site can be puttied and painted.