7.5.5. Removal and installation of an electrical wiring under a roof upholstery

The upholstery of a roof is not pasted to the roof panel. It is kept by sealants of doors, sun-protection peaks and hand-rail.

Fig. 7.51. Arrangement of elements of an electrical wiring

It is possible to replace an upholstery, having kept an electrical wiring plait, or on the contrary.

The plait of wires is not subject to repair. Surely replace it at any damages.

Remove an upholstery.

Fig. 7.52. A socket clamp unblocking on a windshield aperture rack: 1 – clamp

Unblock a socket clamp on a windshield aperture rack on the left side (fig. 7.52).
Separate the socket.
Execute the same operation with the roof hatch electric drive socket (depending on complete set level).


Fig. 7.53. Prikleevaniye of a plait of wires

Paste a plait of wires to an upholstery by means of the gun supercharger (fig. 7.53).
Carefully cut off surplus of the glue roller, without damaging a plait of wires.

It is also possible to leave a faulty plait of wires on the place and to paste along it a new plait.

Surely keep former position of sockets concerning an upholstery edge. The tag on a plait of wires has to coincide with an upholstery edge.