7.5.2. Removal and installation of antennas of start of the engine

Removal of antennas

Fig. 7.41. Fastening of the antenna: 1 – clamps

To remove an atenna, wring out clamps (fig. 7.41).

Clamps of antennas of start of the engine very fragile and easily break.

Removal of the central antenna
Disconnect the forward panel.

Fig. 7.42. Removal of the central console

Remove the central console (fig. 7.42).

Removal of the back antenna
Partially separate a rug of the luggage compartment.

Fig. 7.43. Removal of the back antenna: 1 – clamps

Disconnect an atenna, having wrung out clamps (fig. 7.43).

Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.