49909390 Inclusion of the mode of recirculation of air (isolation mode of salon from external air)

Install the regulator A in the provision of recirculation of air.
In this mode air gets from salon and circulates in it without intake of external air.
The mode of recirculation of air allows:
– to isolate salon from inflow of external air (during the movement through sites with the polluted atmosphere, etc.);
– to accelerate achievement of necessary air temperature in interior of the car.
Long use of the mode of recirculation of air can lead to fogging of a windshield and side glasses, and also to emergence of unpleasant smells as air in interior of the car will not be updated.
Therefore as soon as need for recirculation of air will disappear, return to a normal operating mode of system (with intake of external air), having transferred the regulator A to situation.