49909390 Identification marking

Fig. 1.3. Location of identification marking

Marking is located ahead, at the left rack from the driver (fig. 1.3). On it the same information, as on the identification plate (fig. 1.4) is beaten out.

Fig. 1.4. The identification data which are beaten out on the plate and marking: 1 – identification number of the car and number of a body; 2 – the maximum allowed mass of the car; 3 – the maximum allowed mass of completely loaded car with the trailer; 4 – the maximum resolved load on a forward axis; 5 – the maximum resolved load on a back axis; 6 – technical features of the car; 7 – number of color of a body; 8 – electroequipment degree; 9 – car type; 10 – code of finishing of salon; 11 – code of a special complete set; 12 – serial number; 13 – code of color scale of an interior