8.8.1. Removal and installation of a front seat assembled

Before performance of work with elements of a security system it is necessary to block EBU of safety cushions by means of the diagnostic unit. At the same time all chains of ignition would be varnished, and on a guard of devices the alarm lamp of safety cushions (lights up constant light at the included ignition).

It is forbidden to carry out any works with pyrotechnic systems (safety cushions and prednatyazhitel of seat belts) near and from a tochnik of heat or an open flame not to allow their operation.

Protect facing of a forward threshold and a rug.

Fig. 8.107. Seat belt detachment: 1 – clamp

Disconnect a seat belt, having pressed a clamp (fig. 8.107).

Fig. 8.108. Moving of a seat forward

Shift a seat (fig. 8.108) forward.
Turn off back bolts of fastening.

Fig. 8.109. Moving of a seat back

Shift a seat (fig. 8.109) back.
Turn off forward bolts of fastening.

Fig. 8.110. Separation of the socket of power supply of a seat

Separate the socket under a seat (fig. 8.110).
Remove a seat (this operation is carried out together with the assistant).

Before installation of a seat establish and block a sled in extreme forward situation.
Installation is made as it should be, the return to removal.

Fig. 8.111. Order of tightening of bolts of fastening of a seat

Observe an order of an inhaling of bolts of fastening of a seat (fig. 8.111).
Previously tighten two forward bolts:
– a bolt 1 towards an internal part of the car;
– a bolt 2 aside from the car.
Sdinte a seat forward also check symmetry of an arrangement of the fixing teeths on a sled.
Tighten the required moment 35 N · m bolts of fastening of a seat.
– a bolt 3 towards an internal part of the car;
– a bolt 4 aside from the car.
Shift a seat forward.
Tighten the required moment two forward bolts 1 and 2.