8.6.3. Removal and installation of a windshield


In order to avoid failure in operation of the sensor of a rain establish a windshield of the same shade. The old sensor of a rain has to remain on an old windshield during the whole time of performance of operation on replacement.

At removal, installation or replacement of a windshield surely replace a sealant and adjusting linings.

Remove facings of racks of an aperture of a windshield.
Remove an internal rear-view mirror.

Fig. 8.87. Removal of a decorative slip: 1 – slip

Disconnect a decorative slip (fig. 8.87).
Remove a sealant and plastic rivets.
Remove screen wiper levers by means of special adaptation (Ele. 1552).
Remove an air intake niche lattice.

Fig. 8.88. Windshield aperture sealant

Disconnect a sealant of an aperture of a windshield (fig. 8.88).
Paste a protective tape on roof upholstery windshield perimeters.
Install the defensor (Sagas. 1670) on the dashboard.
Cut through the glue roller.
Remove glass.


Fig. 8.89. Installation of the lower inserts: 1 – inserts

Establish four lower inserts (fig. 8.89).
Pull a new sealant on a windshield.

For an insert of glasses use glue with the high module of elasticity.
Observe glue layer thickness.

Observe values of gaps and a vystupaniye:
– between a windshield and a roof;
– between a windshield and racks of an aperture.

Features of installation of a lattice of a niche of the air intake:
– clear the lower part of a windshield;
– track that clamps of a lattice of a niche of the air intake did not adjoin to a windshield.
Plastic rivets and clamps are subject to replacement after each removal.

Make sure that the electric motor is in the situation corresponding to a starting position of a brush on back glass.

Fig. 8.90. Installation of levers of a screen wiper on tags on a windshield

Install screen wiper levers on tags on a windshield (fig. 8.90).
Tighten 21 N demanded by the moment · m of a nut of fastening of levers of a screen wiper.

All works with the sensor of a rain have to be performed in the conditions of ideal purity: dust, particles of rags can lead to violation of operation of the sensor.