49909390 Charging of the rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery with a green point shows that charging is not necessary until the battery is discharged as, for example, at launch of the cold engine.
At charging of the rechargeable battery with the pressurized plugs out of the car, establish an adapter. Make sure that all connections of the charger pure and reliable. For the best result the battery has to be charged when electrolyte and plates have room temperature. Extremely cold batteries can not be charged several hours after the beginning of charging.
Charge the rechargeable battery, the green point will not appear yet. In the course of charging the battery has to be checked each 30 min. The inclination or agitation can be necessary for emergence of a green point.
After charging the rechargeable battery has to be tested.
Time necessary for charging of the rechargeable battery depends on the following factors:
– the battery size – completely discharged high-capacity battery intended for work in the heavy mode requires time twice bigger, than for charging of the rechargeable battery of the car;
– temperatures – battery charging at –18 °C will require more time, than at 27 °C. if the charger is connected to the cold battery, then at first degree of charging will be very low, but in process of growth of temperature of the battery degree of charging will raise;
– abilities of the charger – the charger with current of charging 5 and will demand more time for charging, than the charger with current of charging 30 and or it is more;
– conditions of a charge – charging of completely discharged battery requires twice more charge, than for gymnastics of two half the discharged batteries because in completely discharged battery electrolyte approaches on structure almost clear water and is a bad conductor. Then, as the loading current leads to increase in content of acid in electrolyte, also charging degree respectively increases.
Before charging disconnect a plus cable, then a weight cable from the battery.
Before charging check electrolyte level, if necessary add the distilled water.
Defreeze the frozen battery (the battery in which electrolyte froze) before charging. Completely charged battery freezes at a temperature of -65 °C, the battery half charged – at a temperature of -30 °C, the discharged battery – at a temperature of -12 °C.
Charge the battery only in well aired room. At charging of the installed battery leave a car cowl open.
At normal charging value of charging current makes about 10% of battery capacity. (that is the battery with a capacity of 50 And has to be charged with current about 5,0 And). Time of gymnastics about 10 h.
Connect a plus conclusion of the rechargeable battery to a plus wire, a minus conclusion of the battery – to a minus wire of the charger.
During charging temperature of electrolyte should not exceed +55 °C, if necessary interrupt charging or reduce value of current of charging.

Fig. 7.4. The charger for the rechargeable battery